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Frequently asked questions

Q How do you prevent two friends from buying the same gift?
A When a friend views your gift-list he/she cannot see gifts that have already been bought by other friends.

Q I don't want to know who has bought me what until after the event. Will Gift-lists.com spoil the surprise for me?
A No. When you view your gift-list, you will see all the gifts you've asked for with no indication which have been bought.

Q I don't want my friends to know which other friends I have listed. Will Gift-lists.com allow them to find out?
A No. Only you can see the friends you have listed. When we email your friends to tell them your list is ready, we send a separate email to each friend.

Q Is it possible to put things on my gift-list that have to be bought from a high street shop?
A Yes. You can put anything you like on your gift-list. You can specify where things can be bought (from a high street shop, by mail order or on the Internet) or you can leave your friends to buy from wherever they like.
To make life as easy as possible for your friends we do suggest that you find your gifts on the Internet but it is completely up to you.

Q My aunt does not have access to the Internet. Can she buy presents from my Gift-list?
A Yes. When you list her as one of your friends, tick the 'No Internet' box and add the email address of a friend who will buy gifts for you on her behalf.

Q My grandfather would like to put his birthday list on Gift-lists.com but he doesn't have an email address. What can he do?
A It’s not possible for people without an email address to set up lists at present. To work around this you could set up a list for your grandfather and use the list note to say the list is for your grandfather. Of course, your reports will show the gifts bought for your grandfather as though they were bought for you.

Q Will you sell my email address to other companies who will then send me spam emails?
A No. We do not pass on your email address, or any other personal information to anyone. The only exception would be if we were legally obliged to do so by the appropriate authorities in your country.

Q I would like my friends to give me money for my birthday. What should I put in for "Quantity Required" and "Price"?
A Put the smallest amount of money anyone is likely to give you in the "Price" field and a large number in the "Quantity Required" field. Alternatively, if you only want money for your birthday, it might be easier to email your friends yourself and give Gift-lists.com a miss this year!

Q My husband and I have heated arguments about who bought us what last Christmas. Can you help us?
A Yes. You can check who bought you what and which gifts you bought for all your friends.

Q My wife and I like to give and receive joint presents. Does Gift-lists.com allow this?
A Yes, but not as well as we’d like. We are working on it! In the meantime you can set up a list in one of your names and use the list note to say, for example “This is our joint Christmas list”.

Q My family give gifts to celebrate college graduation but you don't have graduation as one of your gift-list types. What can we do?
A Use the Contact form to tell us what you'd like. We will consider all requests to add to the standard list of events.

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