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Gift Grabber

Spot a good gift idea and Gift Grabber collects everything you need (description, price, image, web link) and sends it to your wish-list with two mouse clicks. We LOVE Gift Grabber because it's SO easy to use and it's always there when you need it.

Easy to use

Gift Grabber will usually send a gift idea to your wish-list with two mouse clicks—it could hardly be easier.

But what if you don't use Gift Grabber? Spot a gift idea when you're surfing and here's what to do. Copy the web address. Open Gift-lists.com in a new window. Navigate to your gift-list. Click "add gift" and paste the web address. Click submit and close the Gift-lists.com window.

It's not a problem for an experienced Internet user but can be tricky for others. But why bother? Use Gift Grabber and finish with two mouse clicks! Quick and easy.

Always available

Gift Grabber runs from an icon on your browser toolbar. So whenever you spot that great idea click and capture it! To be really sure download a copy of Gift Grabber for every PC you use (check before you install it on your work PC). Never lose a good idea again.

One more thing, like everything else on Gift-lists.com, Gift Grabber is absolutely FREE to registered users! Register Now - start using today

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