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Just for fun, we have added a couple of spoof testimonials in with the real ones from our users. But can you spot the spoofs?

quote start Last Christmas I got my whole family to use Gift-Lists.com. It was brilliant! I did ALL my Christmas shopping in less than an hour... and had nothing to take back on Boxing Day. quote end
Bill F - West Sussex, UK

quote start My Brother recently joined and put his Birthday list on Gift-lists, I was a bit dubious at first (not using computers that much) but after using it I thought it was great and so easy to use!! I can be sure I'm getting my family presents they want, but best of all - I can get gifts I've always wanted!! I will definitely recommend this to everyone I know - Thanks Gift-lists! quote end
Leah Jane - Ifield, UK

quote start My family don't do lists—they hate being organised. They like to buy random presents and I could never persuade them to change. So I registered just to use the wish-list for myself and to collect ideas for my friends. It's worked great! Now I never miss any good ideas for myself or anyone else. quote end
A Wilson - Crawley, UK

quote start I don't get it. I joined Gift-lists.com, waited for over a year and no-one bought me a single present. Don't waste ya money it's a total con. Get a life! Who are you looking at? quote end
P Aranoia Maudlesy Hospital

quote start A fantastic idea, I found it as simple to use as a wedding gift list - but you are not confined to one store and it can be used for any occasion. Quick to set up and easy to use - highly recommended. quote end
D Kettle Rugby UK

quote start I used Gift-lists.com last year to buy my family their birthday and xmas presents. It was a great help particularly as I am 82 years of age (I wonder if I am your oldest member?) It saved me going out in the inclement weather and avoided the crowds in the shops. I did all my xmas shopping from home and I did not have to ask all the family what they wanted. To sum up an excellent idea in all aspects well done. quote end
L R Medhurst Pound Hill, UK

quote start I'm quite a newby with computers but it didn't stop me having a go! I registered last Christmas and I've already entered the name of a friend. It's really not difficult if you persevere. I'm planning to set up a gift-list for next Christmas or do you think I'm being too ambitious? People tell me that's one of my failings. Anyway good luck. Call me sometime. quote end
G Bush - USA

quote start I set up a list last Christmas and found I didn't get the usual rubbish presents from my Uncle Bill. And I did not get the same present three times as happened one year from my written list. My family were so impressed that most said they will have their own list on your site this year." quote end
Rhonndda - Boughton Vale, UK

quote start I checked out your site. Not bad but I wrote a better one when i was 6. I hope you didn't have grown men working on this? To be honest I wouldn't lower myselve to work on primitive php. Modelling neutrino/quark interactions is much more fun. quote end
Michael - CERN Switzerland

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