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What we do

We put your wedding gift-list online so your family and friends (but no-one else) can view it.

Then we make it utterly simple for them to buy you a gift you really want with no duplicates.

Finally, we tell you who bought you what so you can write thank-you letters and so you will always remember.

And we do it so well that over 90% of our users trust us to look after their wedding lists (the others use us year-after-year for Christmas, birthdays and other occasions).

It’s completely FREE and is something we think you'll appreciate for years to come.

How we are Different and Safe

With our lists you select gifts from any stores you like and create a list online. We make this quick and easy for you. You can include vouchers and items from high street stores. You can even ask for donations for your favourite charity.

You decide which friends you would like to see your list and we do the rest.

Our lists tick ALL THESE BOXES:

Unrestricted choice of gifts
Choice of prices
No duplicate gifts
No unwanted gifts
Easy for everyone
No risk of us losing your money
Secure from malicious tampering

You get exactly what you want at the best prices you find. No compromises. No restrictions.

We don't sell anything and we never take money from you or your friends so you've no risk of us losing it.

What will your friends see?

Each of your friends will receive an individual email with a link to your online list. This keeps your list private but ensures all invited friends get the chance to see it at the same time (actually you can prioritise who sees it first if you wish).

Here’s an example of what your friends might see. They select the gift they wish to buy and click the View/Buy button to go directly to the page where they can buy it. It’s very easy! And once a gift has been bought, we hide it from other friends so it won't be duplicated.

We give you more and charge you nothing

Gift-lists.com is loaded with helpful features. Gift Grabber lets you add items to your list with a few mouse-clicks. Reports show you who bought you what—great for writing thank-you letters! If you wish, we even help your friends buy you surprise gifts.

Don’t worry if you have some friends or relatives who never use the Internet; we’ve developed a unique way for them to see your gift-list without going near a computer. So everyone's happy!

Unlike some online gift-lists, our security discretely protects your list from uninvited 'guests'. All this is completely FREE for you and for people buying gifts.

Plus outstanding service

If that’s not enough, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We know how important it is for your big day to go smoothly so if you need any help, just ask. We’re friendly and approachable and we’ll bend over backwards to make sure everything goes well for you.

To join all the couples who have trusted their wedding gift-list to us, click the "Register Now" button below and enter your email address when asked.

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